Monday, 31 January 2011


Check this out!! I've been asked to model in this fashion event my friend is organising to raise money for her kids school.  Make a note of the date and come along for what promises to be an inspiring and indulgent evening packed with treats and entertainment. 

There'll be a speaker, female singer, stalls with jewellery, sheitels and clothes as well as treatments by the Body Shop.  There will also be a raffle with prizes including a custom sheitel, 1 month's gym membership and breakfast for 2 at Orli's cafe.

Look at the weblink for more info and to book tickets:

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Wish List...

Moncler Angers Jacket

Jaeger dress £175

Reiss £159

Forever 21 fur boots

xoxo Bracha

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Monday, 17 January 2011

Golden Globes 2011

Wow.  The Golden Globe Awards played host to some exceptionally classy dressing.  Angelina Jolie proves, on this occasion, that it is possible to look completely stunning, whilst being entirely covered up! (note that I have not included a picture of the back of this dress, but you get the idea!) Oh and Brad Pitt was the perfect accessory!

Angelina Jolie

Oooh and another fine example of 'modest' dressing from Anne Hathaway.  Somehow she looks way too attractive to use the term modest, but technically she is covered up from head to toe! (again, no picture of the back which is extremely revealing!)

New job: Anne Hathaway is to be the next A list star to make a cameo on the hit FOX show Glee

Leighton Meester

Leighton Meester in Burberry, also pretty covered up

xoxo Bracha

Spotlight on Royalty

Charlotte Casiraghi is a European royal worthy of style inspiration status.  She is the daughter of Princess Caroline of Monaco, and grandaughter of the late, great Grace Kelly.  At the age of 16 she was named among the world's ten most eligible young women and in 2006 she was selected by Vanity Fair to be included in the International Best Dressed List.  With a net worth of $5.7 billion she is hot property in more ways than one!  She possesses a stunning natural beauty as well as elegant and refined taste, as evident in the pictures below...

to be continued...
xoxo Bracha

Monday, 3 January 2011

Vintage : Treasure or Travesty

Ok, I'm going to need some feedback on this one...  We hear a lot about vintage clothes - as an opportunity to revive an old style, as a definitive style choice for some, or for economic or environmental reasons for others.  In the US there is a huge culture of 'thriftiness' where people trawl through salvation army or charity stores to find vintage gems for their wardrobe.  Even in Hollywood wearing vintage designer gowns for a red carpet event is the done thing.

However, in the UK there seems to be a different attitude and I'm not sure why!  We are all on the look-out for a bargain yet seem to be reluctant to buy or wear second hand clothes.  Perhaps its the stigma attached to 'charity shops' or the unknown identity of the previous owner of an item.  Some of the styles are simply awful, the sizes are limited and the whole process time-consuming.  You may have to sift through rails of slightly odourous clothes to find a prize but there are some finds out there!  The old adage "One person's trash is another man's treasure" springs to mind...

A couple of weeks ago I browsed through three charity shops on a High Street in an affluent area of London (all in the name of research ofcourse...).  High street brand name items, albeit from 'last season' or beyond, are priced at a fraction of their original cost.  The selection of sizes available are ofcourse limited, but that only adds to the thrill of the chase... Shoes, bags, belts are also up for grabs - as long as they are in good condition.

Markets are also great for vintage finds, but the prices are not neccessarily as cheap.  Car boot sales are another option.  I wish I would have explored the markets in LA more when I was there, as every item you buy there feels like a truly unique acquisition, without the guilt of spending a lot of money.  Plus, you are effectively 'recycling' goods that have already been manufactured, thereby saving the Earth's resources!

Another major reason for looking for true vintage finds, ie from several decades ago, is that the clothes of the past tend to be more conservative, so are perfect for those searching for a more modest look!  A well made piece could also benefit from some quality tailoring, but these items tend to be more pricey.

To quote Rachel Zoe, queen of vintage style, "The number one rule I want you to remember is to mix your vintage finds with contemporary picks. No head-to-toe vintage. For example, I love the look of a vintage sundress with a modern, fashion-forward shoe, or a current cocktail dress with all retro jewelry. This kind of approach will keep you looking balanced, updated, and inspiring vs. old-fashioned! What could be more glamorous than that? xoRZ".

Drew Barrymore wore an 80s vintage piece on the 'Late Show with David Letterman' and looked like the true icon she is...

Alexa Chung is a true purveyor of vintage style, favouring an unpolished, slightly quirky look...

Dita von Teese, with her timeless and classic style, is another inspiration for how to 'do' vintage, in a totally different way...

Ashley Olsen

Nicole Richie

Kate Moss

Zooey Deschanel

Chloe Sevigny

Now you've seen how the celebrities do it....See below for some examples of unique, modest and affordable vintage finds...

1970s Little Black Dress - £55

Vintage 80s Ash Grey Striped Dress - £23

Feminine Short Sleeved Dress - £22

Chic Long Sleeved Dress - £20

Lovely Long Sleeved Dress £25

Fab Maxi Dress - £25

There's loads more to be found out there, so happy hunting!

To be continued...
xoxo Bracha